Wondering what your home or purchase is worth?

One of the most common questions we are asked is " Do you think I am paying too much for this home? "  As  a State Licensed Home Inspector, we have a pretty good handle on the condition of the home and any defects. As a State licensed Real Estate Agent, we have a pretty good handle on current market values. We now offer the service of creating a CMA ( Comparitive Market Analysis )
Based on recent sales in the same area for a seperate fee. Whereas we are not the sellers or buyers agent, our oppinion of value is completely unbiased.  Why wait for the appraisal to come in low when you can know up front the true value and what you should be paying for the home. Many times we perform inspections for people whom are very excited about buying a particular home, they have paid many other contactors beside us for evaluations, surveys, termites etc, only to have the home not appraise out and then all that money is lost. This happens when a Real Estate Agent and Seller price the home too high above market value and in many cases the buyers agent is looking at the commision number rather than what their client should be paying or what the home is worth, In the end it becomes a big waste of time an money for the potential buyes. We have seen it over and over again, which is why we decided to do something about it and help our clients. We are certainly not any Realtors favorite, because we present factual information to the buyer and in many cases it is not positive information, but we sleep well at night knowing we have given our client our best.

Just completed and

Just completed and inspection of a property for a Buyer. The Seller wanted to make sure no issues would arise should the Buyer hire a home inspector to look at the home. I am a fan of Sellers getting an inspection as well as an appraisal prior to listing their home, But only if they do their homework. This particular seller is now very angry because his inspector missed so many items, and his 23 page report failed to cover many of the items that the State requires being inspected. I can't say it enough, Whether you hire us or another inspector, LOOK AT SAMPLE REPORTS BEFORE YOU HIRE AN INSPECTOR. Your Realtors choice may or may not be a good choice.
Florida Statute 468.8323 Requires Home Inspectors to provide a report that covers all system and components as listed in Florida Administrative Code 61-30.801 Thru 61-30.811

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