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Here at Accurate Home Inspections, we prefer to quote your home inspections based on the individual home, your requirements and desires. All homes are different in one way or another. In many cases, two homes with the same square footage could be drastically different. (One home may not have a crawl space or attic, while another may be 60 years old and never updated.) While there are many different types of inspections that we perform, you may only require certain Inspections. Feel free to browse through our list of the most common inspections. At the very least, we recommend getting these three insurance inspections: Your insurance company may require a Roof Certification Inspection and may require a Four Point Insurance Inspection if the home is more than 20 years old. Lastly, to lower your windstorm insurance rates, a Wind Mitigation Inspection could qualify you for significant discounts, based on the homes features. These three inspections can provide huge insurance premium savings and reduce your closing cost.


Condominium Inspections (Prices starting as low as $375.00)
Because condominium ownership is typically interior only, stuctural components and grounds are excluded from this inspection.

Items Inspected: High Voltage Electric:  Main disconnects, Grounding Conditions, Electrical Panels and Sub Panels, All Breakers or fuses, All Visible Wiring, All Accessible Switches and Outlets, Lighting Fixtures, Ceiling Fans, Smoke Detectors, CO detectors, Ground Fault Protection, Arc Fault Protection. HVAC: Size or Capacity, Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment / Systems, Overflow Devices, Ductwork and Distribution, Vents and Filters.  Plumbing: Water Pressure, All Visible Plumbing Supply and Drain lines, All Plumbing Shut Off Valves, Fixtures, Faucets and Components, Shower Pans, Water Heaters, Interior: Interior Finishes, Interior Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Stairways and Railings, Cabinets and Countertops, Shower Wall Finishes, Doors and Windows, Household Appliances.  Exterior Balcony Only: Exterior Siding / Finishes, Flashing & Trim, Exterior Windows and Doors, Window Screens, Screen Enclosures, Exterior Railings, Private Garages Storage Rooms & Carports. 

Based on the size of the unit, these inspections typical are 1-2 hours long. This is mentioned so that everyone will have a fair expectation and can plan accordingly.

Our Standard Home Inspection (Prices starting as low as $450.00)
This inspection is performed in accordance with the Florida Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors.  FL Statute 61-30.801

Items Inspected: Structure: Foundation, Floor Structure, Wall Structure, Ceiling Structure, Roof Structure, Post, Beams, Columns, Joist, Rafters. Trusses, Other framing, Ventilation of Foundation areas. High Voltage Electric: Electrical Service Cables, Drip loop and Raceways, Main disconnects, Grounding Conditions, Electrical Panels and Sub Panels, Conductors, All Breakers or fuses, All Visible Wiring, All Accessible Switches and Outlets, Ground Fault Circuit Interupters, Amperage Rating of Service. Types of Wiring, Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Arc Fault Circuit Interupters. HVAC: Heating & Air Conditioning Equipment / Systems and Components, Installed Heating Devices, Fuel Storage & Distribution Systems, Vent Systems, Flues and Chimneys, Ductwork and Distribution Components, Mechanical Ventilation Systems, Heating System Energy Sources, Heating System Capacity BTU's or Kilowatts. Cooling Energy Source, Cooling Methods By System Type, Presents of Condensate flow and safety devices,  Roof: Roof Coverings / Material, Flashing, Skylights, Chimneys, Roof Penetrations, Roof Drainage Systems, Insulation of Attic Spaces. Plumbing:  Interior Water Supply Piping and Distrubution Systems, including all Fixtures Faucets and Components. Drain, Waste and Vent Systems, Including Plumbing Fixtures. Plumbing related Vent Systems, Flues and Chimneys. Drainage Sumps, Sump Pumps and related piping. Water Heating Equipment including Energy Source. Main Water and Main Fuel shut off valves.  Interior: Interior Finishes, Interior Ceilings, Walls, Floors, Steps, Stairways and Railings, Countertops and Cabinets, Garage Doors, Interior Doors and Windows and their locks and latches or other operating mechanisms, Insulation and Vapor retarders in unfinished spaces, Fireplaces and Fuel Burning appliances, Vent systems, Flues and chimneys, Household Apliances.  Exterior: Exterior Wall Cladding Siding / Finishes, Flashing & Trim, Exterior Windows and Doors, Attached Decks Stoops, Porches and Associated Railing, Eaves, Soffits and Fascias.  Walkways, Patios, Driveways leading to the Dwelling Entrance, Garages & Carports. Grounds: Vegetation, Grading, Surface Drainage, & Retaining Walls that would likely affect the Structure. 

Based on the size and age of home and lot, this inspection can take 2-5 hours. This is mentioned so that everyone has a fair expectation and can plan accordingly.

Our Standard Commercial Inspection (Prices starting as low as $600.00 )
This inspection follows and is in accordance with ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments and the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties.
Items inspected and scope of work to be agreed upon with client.

DBPR; HR-7020; Balcony Inspections; (Priced at 95.00)
HUD Inspection form HUD-52580 (priced at 320.00)


Four Point Insurance Inspection: (Priced at $200.00 )
Electric, Plumbing, HVAC, and Roof. This is a four page report commonly requested by insurance companies for homes over 25 years old. It is a check list report on the conditions and any items that have been upgraded on the home.

Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection: (Priced at $300.00 )
This is a four page check list report that requires photos and as well as copies of permits, engineering letters and receipts of roofing materials and shutters so that your insurance company to accurately quote the homes windstorm insurance rates. (Typically requires a trip to the Building Dept. for records search.)
This inspection is primarily designed to report on the homes structural condition / design and hurricane resistance features (hurricane shutters, type of roofing, hurricane tie down straps, building code that the home was designed to, any additional attic bracing etc.) We strongly recommend having this inspection performed as it can provide huge insurance savings based on the features or installed components of the home.

Roof Certification Report: (Priced at $150.00 )
This is a one page report form that requires photos and is usually required on new insurance policies to let the insurance company know the condition of the roof, how old it is, how much longer it can be expected to last, etc. FYI: Presently insurance companies are not writing policies for homes that have roof problems and cannot be certified to last at least another three years.



Mold Screening Inspection W/ lab fees and postage included, starting at $350.00 with a full home inspection
Mobil Home Tie-Down Certification Inspection $150.00 with a Standrd Inspection.
Swimming Pool and Equipment / Safety Inspection above water $95.00 with a full home inspection
Hot Tub / Jacuzzi Inspection and equipment above water $50.00 with a full home inspection
Wood dock and pilings visually from above the waterline $0.75 per Lin. Ft. with a full home inspection
Seawall / Boat Dock Inspection visually from above waterline $1.00 per Lin. Ft. with a full home inspection
Inspect and Test Davits or Boat lifts $35.00 per lift or set of davits with a full home inspection
Storage sheds, Detached Garages and or Out Buildings $75.00 Each with a full home inspection
Infrared Thermal Scan for Energy loss $350.00 with a full home inspection
Building Code Compliance $300.00 with a full home inspection
Expert Testimony Services $150.00 per hour plus travel expenses.

The Following environmental testing pricing is based on labs fees, materials and our labor charge. Call for quote.
Mold Testing and Assessment ( written remediator protocall, post remediation verification and 12 month warranty available with additional fee)
Lead Testing
Indoor Air Quality Testing for VOC's, Asbestos, Bacteria Etc.
Chinese Drywall Testing   
Water Quality Testing
Test results are provide by state certified Lab

Re-inspections Fee of repairs made to homes previously inspected by Accurate Home Inspections are billed at $150.00 per hour plus milage ( 1 hr. minimum )

We at ACCURATE HOME INSPECTIONS quote your cost up front based on your individual needs.
Then we stand by our quote!!! No surprises at the end.
Feel free to contact us with any special needs you may have.
Payment in full is due and expected on the day of the physical inspection.
Client's copy of reports will not be provided until payment is received in full.
For your convenience we accept Checks (including out of state checks) All Major Credit Cards, or cash.

CANCELLATION & NON-SERVICE POLICY: To cancel or re-schedule and inspection is no problem as long as we have at least a 48 hour notice. We do charge a $150.00 cancellation fee if inspection is cancelled with less than 24 hours and we cannot fill the opening with another inspection. There is a $150.00 minimum trip charge / Reinspection fee for inspections that cannot be completed due to water / electric service not being connected at the time of inspection. These end up being double trips for the inspector. Please understand that in many cases the inspector has turned down other inspection request, so that your inspection could be performed when you requested it to be performed.

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